GEO KNIFE GEO901 3.3 "Drop Point D2 Blade with G10 Handle Folding Pocket Knife


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ยี่ห้อ: GEOKNIFE 
รุ่น: GEO901BLA, GEO901GRE, GEO901TAN, GEO901D
ความยาวเต็ม: 7.76 นิ้ว
ความยาวใบมีด: 3.25 นิ้ว
ความยาวด้ามจับ: 4.51 นิ้ว
ความกว้างใบมีด: 0.97 นิ้ว
ความหนาใบมีด: 4 มม
วัสดุใบมีด: D2
การรักษาพื้นผิว: กระจกและแปรง (สีดำ), การพ่นทรายและแปรงเคลือบไททาเนียมสีดำ (สีแทน), การเคลือบไทเทเนียมสีดำและแปรง (สีเขียว, GEO901D)
ความแข็ง: HRC 59-61
จัดการวัสดุ: G10
วัสดุเครื่องซักผ้า: ลูกปืนเซรามิก
ฝาปิด Pivot: สแตนเลส 416
ตัวเว้นระยะหลัง: G10
คลิปทิป: สแตนเลส 420J2
วัสดุแผ่นด้านใน: สแตนเลส 3CR
วัสดุสกรู: สแตนเลส 416
น้ำหนักสุทธิ: 4.44 ออนซ์
การบรรจุ: กล่องสี
ผู้ออกแบบ: ทีม GEOKNIFE
แหล่งกำเนิด: จีน

Customer Reviews

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Robert Telega

I have not received them yet

Dennis busch

Excellent merchandise fast shipping

Great Knife

Very good knife, excellent action, detent is a hair light, I can fail the flip if I try to intentionally but better than Civivi's. My wife liked it also and claimed it, so I ordered a second. That one was excellent, great action, perfectly dialed in detent, as good as $100+ knives. When I ordered the 2nd 901 I also ordered a KU176 which was perfect as well.

First impressions good, but took long to get here.

Geo pocketknife arrived, but it took 24 days to get from a shared warehouse in Belgium to my adress in Belgium. First impressions: It cuts plastic good, and did a clean cut of 8 strand braid without much pressure. (a poor blade leaves a frayed end.) Looks robust, feels robust. Blade itself does not rub frame plates. Some friction is applied by the framelock system. Blade deploys easily, but not TOO easily. In the frame there is a long flat spring what locks blade once deployed. One cannot accidentally unlock that frame lock. Hinge has ceramic ballbearing and I hope this never cracks. It makes getting the blade deployed quite safe. No extreme force required to open. For closing, you will find that the fingerguard is a smart safety feature. ) The belt clip does not feel bothersome while using the blade. This GEO901 3.3inch pocket knife is not too large, and even more important, not too short. I have no idea how good it will keep its edge but I think it is worth the money. I just wish I had not have had to wait for it that long. Kind regards, Jaak

Wonderful, economical pocket knife

Good materials, fit and finish at a price where you dont worry about hard use or loosing/misplacing and being out a lot of money. The D2 steel is absolutely adequate for EDC use and the G10 scales are well done. My only nitpick is the pocket clip... its not deep carry and had they used a fold-over design it would have been a 10 out of 10. Even so, it is very much worth the money.