GEO KNIFE Hippo GEO902 Folding Knife, 3.9" D2 Steel Blade & G10 Handle - Liner Lock


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Models: GEO902A, GEO902B, GEO902C
Full length: 215mm (8.46 in)
Blade length: 100mm (3.94 in)
Handle length: 115mm (4.53 in)
Blade width: 27.78mm (1.09 in)
Blade thickness: 4mm
Blade material: D2
Surface treatment: mirror&brush, black oxide&brush
Hardness: HRC 59-61
Handle material: G10
Washer material: ceramic ball bearing
Pivot cap: 416 stainless steel
Back spacer: G10
Inner sheet material: 3CR stainless steel
Screw material: 416 stainless steel
Net weight: 129.6g (4.57 oz)
Packing: color box
Designer: GEOKNIFE team
Origin: China

Customer Reviews

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size 11 hands should read this

They got here fast
The two Hippo GEO902 knives (with lanyard) arrived fast as it was sent local warehouse to my adress in Belgium. First impressions: Cuts plastic and carton good, and did clean cuts of 8 strand braids without much pressure. (a poor blade leaves a frayed end.) Feels robust. Blade does not rub frame. Some friction is applied by the linelock system. Blade deploys easily, but not TOO easily. One cannot accidentally unlock that linelock. Hinge has ceramic ballbearing and I hope this never cracks. It makes getting the blade deployed quite safe. No extreme force required to open. For closing, you will find that the fingerguard is a smart safety feature. Robust built. While open, the blade does not wobble.
I felt the lanyard was there for decoration, not for practical use... For use in a kayak or on a pier I would replace it.
I have no idea how good it will keep its edge but I do think it is worth the money. (My GEO901 keeps edge quite well, and this GEO902 uses the same steel) My only personal negative is that the curved tip at end of the handle feels a bit uncomfortable in my size 10.5 hands (I use size 11 workgloves.) Two of my friends have smaller hands and was happy with them.
Kind regards, Jaak

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