KUBEY MESSER Dugu-KU159 EDC Klapptaschenmesser mit 3,5 "AUS-10 Stahlklinge und Kohlefasergriff mit Flipperöffnung


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Modelle: KU159A-1
Gesamtlänge: 211mm (8,31 in)
Klingenlänge: 91 mm (3,58 in)
Klingenbreite: 28 mm (1,1 in)
Grifflänge: 120 mm (4,72 in)
Griff Dicke: 15.26mm (0,6 in)
Klingenstärke: 4,0 mm
Klingenmaterial: AUS-10 (Japan)
Schwenkkappe: 416 Edelstahl
Unterlegscheibenmaterial: Keramikkugellager
Härte: HRC59-61
Oberflächenbehandlung: Sandstrahl
Kippclip: 6AL4V Titanlegierung
Schraubenmaterial: Edelstahl 416
Griffmaterial: Kohlefaser
Gewicht: 138g (4,87 Unzen)
Verpackung: Nylon-Messertasche mit Karton
Kubey Team Original Design

Customer Reviews

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A favorite for sure. A must have.

The action, quality, geometry and ergonomics are incredible, excellent EDC or defensive carry option. I own 3! The hook for instant draw from the pocket is a massive bonus, I wish to see this option on future models. I am lucky enough to own a G10 model with the AUS 10 steel, and both steels are top notch, very pleasing to the eye, extremely capable penetrator and cutter/slicer. Shaving sharp and immaculate out of tbe box, the G10 is perfect, and the knife is very suitable for many varied grips; the unique geometry, versatility and especially the pocket catch send this model over the top, a favorite from Kubey and my large knife collection in general. I hope to see more models with pocket draw features, and future renditions of this Dugu with a black blade, and perhaps new steels! Perhaps even an XL model. A gem for sure, and much appreciation and respect to Xin Ping! The best support and attentive help, response and suggestions I have encountered. Do not pass up on this model, you could not be disappointed.

-J from Seatown 206^


KUBEY KNIFE Dugu-KU159 EDC Folding Pocket Knife with 3.5" AUS-10 Steel Blade and Carbon Fiber Handle

Amazing knife and price

The blade flips open like lightning and the Carbon Fibre handles are very well made-amazing quality.For the price,this knife is a must have and the knife has many applications.10/10 all factors considered.

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